perjantai 8. huhtikuuta 2011


Helloo from the Precious world of mine!

I'm thinking of starting a little business of my own... I want to design prints for shirts and do little accessories and stuff : D I have noooo idea if it is legal just to sell my own products or do I need some kind of permission or something but... I want to do it :3 Soon all of you can be Precious! (There's a difference of being precious and Precious... Of course you all are already precious ;D)

By the way, have you ever wondered why I named my blog "i am precious"? Because I like myself? Because I am arrogant? Because I just happened to figure it out? Nope. It's because everytime you speak of my blog, you have to say "i am precious", you have to say that you're precious. That's why. And if I launch my own collection of all nice little things such as shirts and accessories people can carry their preciousness everywhere through Preciousness.

I'm in a good mood since I feel creative but I should be studying so it brings me down a little. Tee hee!

What a precious post. Love you!

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  1. ... Oona oot niin ihana. :""D <3 SUOTUISIA TUULIA! o/

    Ja durr, tahdon ostaa sulta jotain ja NIMMARIN SIIHEN. (Sitten voin tulevaisuudessa myydä sen ebayssä ja rahoittaa pulsuiluni. :D)