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it can't hold me anymore


I turned 18 a week ago. 18! So I'm practically an adult! (YEA RIGHT LOL :----D) I had a big housewarming/birthday party thing and it was so much fun!

People say that it's not that big deal to turn 18. For some it will be because they can legally get alcohol, smokes etc. which I just find sad :'''DD But for me, my 18th brithday really was magical because somehow I dare to express myself more. It's really a big issue for me and I'm soooo happy and a bit reliefed as well.

But it's still funny that I'm 18.

SO I WILL DOOOO THIGN JUST BECAUSE I WAAAANTT TOOOOO AHAHAH so here's umm little something about this year, read it or not:

YEAR 2011

What was you summer 2011 like?
[x] wonderful.
[] bad.
[] gloomy.
[x] like a dream.
[x] successful.
[] kinda ok.

Has it been a hard year?
- Not at all! Best year in years :D

Did you have your heart broken?
- Nope! ...but I guess I broke one.

Have you been pissed off often?
- Yeah... xD

Did you have fun with your friends?
- A whole lotta fun!

Have you been pissed off for more than two days a row? - I guess not for that long. But two days, yes.
Have you laughed in a wrong situation? - ALWAYS!
Have you planned suicide? - Nope.
Have you been in love? - No. But I've been thinking about love and loving for more than ever.
Have you been happy for someone? - Yeah!
Have you been disappointed in someone? - Yes I have. But most myself.
Have you felt sad for someone? - I have. But I've been lacking this empathy stuff recently. :C
Have you made new friends? - No new friends this year. But buddies yeah, I guess : D
What are you looking forward to in next year? - The summer, upcoming LARPs : D And we might also do our musical again! And of course the end of the world.
Three things in 2011 you'll remember forever? - Hopeanuoli!musikaali, KiBi, turning 18! (that summarizes my year perfectly... )
Do you think you'll get new friends next year? - Hopefully, but probably not. I'm always trying my best but it's a little complicated.
What would you wish for next year? - My relationship to go on And also for me to brighten up. And get over my laziness.

In 2011 I have...

[] chatted in MSN Messenger.
[] uploaded photos into some website.
[] registered in some website.
[] traveled by bus.
[] plane.
[] car.
[] train.
[] boat.
[] been abroad.
[] made prank calls.
[] ordered something from Internet.
[] downloaded something from Internet.
[] listened to music.
[] gone to movies.
[] watched movies.
[] watched certain TV series.
[] taken a piercing.
[] ...a tattoo.
[] had my hair colored.
[] changed my hairstyle drastically.
[] clothing style.
[/ it's not only lovely celtic punk anymore!] taste of music.
[] eaten cake.
[] gone to Hesburger.
[hopefully not, can't remember the beginning of the year...] McDonald's
[] ...other fast food place.
[] store.
[] store.
[] ...any other store.
[] had a crush.
[] fallen in love.
[] got an expensive gift.
[] got an camera.
[/] ...TV.
[] ...cell phone.
[] spoken to strangers.
[] seen an accident.
[] lost consciousness.
[] tripped.
[] slipped.
[] puked.
[] been sick.
[] been seriously ill.
[] broken something from my body.
[] visited a doctor.
[] ...a dentist.
[] been hospitalized.
[] been operated.
[] learned something new.
[] made a fool out of myself.
[] ...many times.
[] blushed.
[] been bored.
[] laughed.
[] myself.
[] bad jokes.
[] cried.
[] front of others.
[] hated.
[] been afraid.
[] wished for somebody's death.
[] moved away from home.
[] had a brithday party.
[] ...a name day party.
[] attended a wedding.
[] ...christening.
[] changed school.
[] got less than 8 from an exam.
[] ...less than 6.
[] ...4.
[] ...over 8.
[] ...10.
[] fallen asleep at class.
[] made new buddies.
[] ...friends.
[/] fought with my friends.
[/] yelled at my friend(s).
[] cut connections with a friend.
[] ...a relative.
[probably?] ruined something.
[probably?] broke something.
[I've seen others setting fires by accident so many times this year... :'D] set a fire.
[] dialed 911.
[] accident.
[] called the cops.
[] run away from the cops.
[] stolen something.
[] caught doing it.
[] waited for Christmas.
[/] waited for New Year's.
[/] wished for this year to end.

Translating all that stuff was asdfgh :D

I don't have any nice photos or pictures to add. Boo hoo!

(THIS TEXT WAS SO BORING WITHOUT PICTURES! so here's one enjoy please click to enlarge thank you:)


why don't you
cry for me?

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