lauantai 26. marraskuuta 2011

those lovely girls

Good afternoon!

There is a certain group of people I call "those lovely girls". I either envy them, want to be like them or just am fascinated by them, I really don't know. Some people just give me that feeling, "she is definitely one of those lovely girls".

I don't know if those lovely girls even exist. They're way too perfect to be true.

They are like roses, golden little buttons, the sweetest tea in the world... They are like meringue on top of a muffin they've baked, shade of peach in their cheeks, carmen on their skirts...

They draw and bake, read literature like Alice in Wonderland, their room is tidy and self-decorated. They enjoy peace and quiet the nature has to offer as much as a cup of hot chocolate or tea after a photograph session in the winter wonderland.

They look fragile, yet they have the temper to defend themselves and others. They find happiness in the smallest things. They are beautiful inside.

Elle Ribera looks like those lovely girls. (

There are just too many things I consider as "those lovely girls"-qualities. I couldn't ever be a completely lovely girl. And I don't even want to!

Speaking of lovely girls... To my mind Alice Burdeu is one of the prettiest girls in the world. Of course I haven't seen all the girls in the world so I wouldn't know...

And Audrey Tatou is as well. She's just way too adorable in Amélie.

I'm not saying everybody should be one of those lovely girls. Not at all. I love differences, I love different people, I love freaky people, I love nerdy people, I love all kinds of personalities! I have no idea why I am talking about those lovely girls. I just felt like sharing my thoughts. I feel like watching Amélie with my boyfriend, but that won't be happening for months... But I could try to be like one of those lovely girls by tidying up my room a little. : )

like morning frost in the branches
of rowan trees

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