tiistai 6. joulukuuta 2011

celebrate good times


Yees, today is Finland's independece day and this little blog of mine turned 1! :---D This is probably my longest running blog and most popular as well. 10 readers heeeeell yeah!

I've been thinking what should I write about. To this point all my posts have been just random... randomness yet not random in that kinda way. :'D I don't know what to write about! I think the internet is full of lifestyle blogs already and so on.

But then again, this blog is mainly about dreams, beautiful things and wandering in the wide world. And for learning English, of course. Maybe if I blogged more this would gain more readers. Or then I should just advertise more. I'm too shy... :''D

Any ideas what I should write about? I'm planning on writing about my VHS collection and my addiction to Friendship is Magic, but anything else? :'''D

Anyway due to the birthday of Precious I think I'll change the blog's layout soon :---)

I really want to write another post after this, about clothes, and I can do it!! Because I'm the owner of this blog! Muahahaaa~

Anyway, enjoy your independence celebration!

The powers of the night
are vanquished by the morning light,
Your day is dawning,
O land of birth.

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