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Hello again my lovely birds !

This might be a long text, but deal with it !

I don't buy much clothes. For mostly two reasons; I don't find clothes that I like (reason number one!) and I don't want to consume. My sister buys lots of clothes all the time and doesn't use them for long. I, on the other hand, use my clothes until they are full of holes and still continue using them.

I express myself through clothes. I felt horrible when I wore my most boring clothes to school due to "come as you are not"-day as well as when I switched clothes with my roommate who has a little boyish style... I just NEED my tights, beret, sweet accessories, skirts, shorts...! I feel so comfortable in my own clothes it's almost ridicilous. But that's how it should be, right? :D

Lately I've been more interested in what I wear. I want to look good, cute, girly, feminine, sweet, but then again my mind goes for a rollercoaster ride and sometimes I feel like wearing different kind of clothes. My style has been described as both good and bad, cute, feminine (well, at least some of the adjectives described above!), artistic, french-like and "hihhuliranskalainenaméliebanjobaskeriherrataiteilija" (=zealot-Frenchwoman-Amélie-banjo-beret-Mr.Artist (the name of my plush Maki ♥)). Oh, and I'm officially "she-who-doesn't-wear", meaning I often wear too little and then suffer from the cold winter here in Finland :'D But I do not like winter clothes! GRAA!

But anyway, a little about what I would like to buy.

1. I am obsessed with lace, frills and tulle. Yet I don't have too many clothes with those things. One thing I really want is a tulle skirt. Maybe not one like in the picture but something like it. Or one really poofy!!

2. I've been looking for thick, warm cardigan with buttons and a few days ago I found one from Cubus' online store. I just have to go to the local store tomorrow to see if this really is my dream come true-cardigan!!

3. I've been wanting to try the "thin tights, warm, long stockings"-look. I just have to find a pair of warm stockings (any colour will do, but maybe black, white or grey...) !! And I have to buy warmer tights too (I'm obsessed with tights !) Or then again, I could just buy trousers for the winter. High waist ones - please!

4. I NEED WINTER SHOES! Something brown, maybe with little heel, preferably warm! All I have now is my sister's old, now of course ruined, dirty, UGGs. (I hate UGGs! They're ugly but so warm... ; _ ; I'll save them for the time I go play winter games outside...)

5. A pussy bow tie blouse. For some reason I fell in love with these and I've tried them on. Some of them fit me and some don't at all so I'll just have to keep on looking for the perfect one C:

6. Something unusual for my wardrobe, a thick skirt. My dresses are mainly baby dolls and my skirts are kind of poofy and they start from my waist. So I'd like to try this kind of skirt for a change!! (But maybe not that color in the picture...)

...I have to buy new underwear. My underpants are the most horrible thing ever :----'''DDD (YOU WANTED TO HEAR THAT DIDN'T YOU. :C )

I also adore Riikka Aaltonen's style at the moment. Her style is so feminine and sweet!

If you know cute shops/online stores suited for me and my style, please give me a hint ! ; )

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