lauantai 31. maaliskuuta 2012

i saved earth etc

...I've been active on my tumblr, though. >> OBSCURE BINOCULARS

Sssooo what's hip and happening.
...too much I can't remember everything.

- Somebody gave me a compliment of my blog. She was from my school and a complete stranger and I was reaaally puzzled when she just randomly told me that she likes my blog. If you happen to read this, thank you a ton!

- Today was Earth Hour and I remembered spending last year's with my ex. I burned my hair. Has it really been that long? Anyway, my current bf promised to spend Earth Hour 2013 with me.

- My bf has to study and it drives me crazy and I turn into monster and asdsddfdfgsfasd dating is too hard, especially when there's 165km and his entrance exams so we can't really meet. And when we meet, it's practise time. I mean musical practise, so no alone cuddly-wuddly-time. (BTW, I got 259/299 points from my English final exam. Now I just wish YTL would give me Eximia Cum Laude, the second best grade one can get...)

- As I mentioned above, musical practises have started again! Soooo Gin! the musical is here to stay, yay ;D Another set of months filled with singing, dancing, frustration, achievements, money problems, sweat, smiley faces and love... and a lot of bears and dogs ! The show will include a lot of new stuff and it will take place in Kuopio's Animecon on July, 14th-15th.

- I'm addicted to My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. At first I was like "OMG WHY DO THESE PONIES LOOK SO STUPID WHY ARE THEY POPULAR OMG." and then I was like "This is the greates thing ever." .....just go and watch it, it's nothing like the 80s episodes. Actually, watch the first two pilot episodes of My Little Pony from the 80s. They include sea ponies (SHOOBEDOO), weed and slavery. It's some deep shit.

- I'm in a D E S P E R A T E need of a summer job. I have to pay my rent and travel to Helsinki almost every weekend. And eat. I have money saved up and I'll get help from my family if I need but still, I have to get a job. I'll have an interview next week and I really, really have to invest in it. That job would be a dream come true and I needn't worry anymore. Just please, let me get a job after stressing myself like hell. Please.

Arrrr now I'm tired and frustrated so no photos or whatsoever. :'D

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