tiistai 4. tammikuuta 2011

and so it begins

Happy New Year !! ♥

It's been a while since last post (...not that I have any readers or anything... xD) so I decided to post a little something.

That's me today.

That's me last Halloween.

That's my epic pink Hello Kitty lava lamp.

These are my failed muffins ):

I found this picture and I think it's taken by my mom. This is certainly something she would do. Oh Tiempo! ♥

My friend insisted me to spend the change of the year handcuffed with her. I hope my boyfriend don't mind it~ ;3

We made promises for this year and burned them. I promised several things, for example that I'll work harder on school, as the burning piece of paper says. "Teen koulutyöni paremmin."

Oh yeah, almost completely unnecessary post, but hey, who cares...

ps. I joined lookbook! I thought that it was not possible. At the moment I'm working on a perfect photo to post! ;)

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