lauantai 5. helmikuuta 2011

yourself shaked, myself stirred

Do you ever get a fearful feeling that somebody you love will just get fed up with you and not like you anymore? I don't necessarily mean a relationship, but... Friendship. Because for me, my friends are everything. I try to hold them dear even though I have a boyfriend. I kind of dislike all these couples who only see each other and they don't spend time with their friends anymore. But, to the topic, I'd like to speak a little of my friends.


He really is a precious friend of mine. So veryvery precious. I've never met a boy like him before and I doubt I never will again. But I get this feeling from him, the feeling I mentioned at the beginning. I have no idea why. (Well I'm paranoid most of the time...) Our future scares me. Maybe sometime we will not be like us anymore. What will happen then?

We used to be so close, but something happened with her. Her attitude just started to irritate me. The way she treats other people. People she dislikes. But I think she really doesn't want to be mean. So I don't know what to think of her anymore.

He has changed a little from the first I met him, but actually it doesn't matter anymore. I had to grow a little as a person because of him. I still struggle with this little, meaningless thing but... Someday I'll overcome it. At the moment I feel like he understands me the most and we have a lot of things to discuss. He's a very dear friend of mine and I'd like to keep in touch with him, like, forever.

All people have their share of problems and no problem should be belittled. I have somewhat difficult problems, so sometimes I just don't feel like taking care of her anymore. Her problems seem so tiny. And there are really no reasons behind them. Or at least I think so. I've never heard of anything big. We try our best to help her, but it seems like she doesn't listen to us. So we feel helpless. But she is a nice person and she really has no need to worry about stupid little things!!

Even though I've known her the longest we are not that close. I wish we were more close. I really love her childishness but she really needs to grow up a little. Her sister can't always be there "protecting" her. I don't mean that she has to act all mature, being tiny and cute is just perfect, but she's way too innocent for her age... I think she needs little a wake-up slap. Honestly. Just a little.

I don't feel like writing of anybody else right now. I've just wanted to say some of the things above but when I try to say them, I just don't feel like saying them anymore. I'm a little bit of a coward. If those described above ever end up here, they will recognize themselves. Maybe then we can finally discuss some things.

Still, oh, how much I love them.


ps !! our school ball is coming!! here's a little hint of what my outfit will include.

♥ i'm going to be a silly princess !! ♥

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