perjantai 25. helmikuuta 2011

all the world's a Stage


So here's the update I promised. Written quickly before next lesson starts so hehee!

Stage Homepage (in Finnish)

My school is one of the schools chosen to compete in Stage. Stage is a new TV show where schools compete which school has the best musical. So today we had a casting in our school. Here came a couple of Finnish celebrities to couch us and pick the best 16 out of ~80 participants to star in our school's musical.

Before the actual casting the cameramen searched for ME? xD I was surprised. They asked me to dance parapara, which is a Japanese club dance. So I danced a bit from Black U.F.O. and probably looked veryvery confused. So you might see me on TV, yay!

The actual casting goes like this:

1st round: Sing or dance.
2nd round: Own one-minute show. (can be singing, dancing, acting, magic tricks etc.)
3rd round: Sing or dance. (Must pick the one you haven't done yet!)

My strong area is acting and I'm a poor dancer and a terrible singer so my own show was supposed to be improvisation theater but I got cut out in the 1st round. Can't help it! Dancing with Marco Bjurström was fun though! The 2nd round is about to start so I wish all the luck to the competitors! Let's show the whole country the talent our school has!

The show will start on April (I think) and you can watch it on Nelonen (4th channel). You can also follow our progress on Internet later on.

And now for something completely different.

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