lauantai 19. helmikuuta 2011

inspiring spring

Hey all!

Today I feel like sharing things that inspire me with you. I have all this inspiration but I'm too lazy or poor to do anything. Or not just creative enough.


Old clocks. I love them so much. I have two clock-related accessories and I want more...
Pearls. Simple, timeless, beautiful.
Matryoshka dolls. Colorful, Russian dolls. There is something that attracts me to them...
Old cameras. Oh, how I love them! I want to have one. A working one to take pictures with. And I don't mean cameras from the 19th ceuntry but from the 50's or so.
Bows. Girly, cute and yet so simple.


Flower print. I own very little clothes with flower print on them, but I do want to have a shirt or a dress!
Lace. White, black, cute, sexy, lace is always beautiful.
Light colours. Such as natural white, pale pink, pale brown...


Forget-me-nots. I just love the name!
Roses. Romantic and dramatic at the same time. Love.
Bullfinches. I love their colouring. I'm doing a bullfinch-related work in our art class. I might post it here when it's ready.
Bare trees. They have an unique atmosphere.
Ravens. Ravens are so mysterious... And I just realized how much I love the word "raven".
Butterflies. So tiny, light and colorful. Butterflies are awesome.
Lingonberries. It reminds me of Finland and its nature.


Berets. I've lost two black berets and I'm trying to keep my 3rd one safe. Lovely, lovely berets, my favourite hats of all time. Wearing one gives you a classy feeling. They can also be decorated with brooches and stuff to look pretty.
Granny boots. Just one of the many things I love from the 80's. (Andie's style in the film Pretty in Pink )
High heels. I'm not a high heel freak but I do like them.


Piercings. I do not like them all and wearing too many might be bad-looking, but I still can't help liking them...
Tattoos. I love the colourful ones as much as the plain, simple ones. I'm thinking of what kind of tattoo I would like to get someday.
Pin up. "A quilty pleasure." If I could say so. I like burlesque a little too.


If I could, I would buy all the accessories sold there.
Putiikki rannalla. A lifestyle-shop which sells lovely lovely clothes from brands like Odd Molly, Soaked in Luxury, Jackpot, rosemunde and Part Two, but they're all way too expensive.

Just check it out yourself.
This kind of drawing style:

that hair...

THAT'S ALL FOLKS! Now it's time for you to dance some pornopolka! I'm off to b-day party --->

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