torstai 5. toukokuuta 2011

i'm the sweetest mistake of your life

Hi darlings!

Too few people know about this lovely Finnish artist, Heli Kajo. I get chills from some of her songs and I don't get chills easily, I tell you! I like almost all of her songs. They have nice France-like atmosphere to them and the lyrics are so... honest that it's just too sweet. I like:

♥ Sebastian
♥ Jos mä oisin tyttö/If I Was a Girl
♥ Elämäsi suloisin virhe/The Sweetest Mistake of Your Life
♥ Juhlat/Party
♥ Annankadun kulmassa/In the Corner of Annankatu Street
♥ Perhonen/Butterfly (the most beautiful of them all!)
♥ Ranskis/Frenchman
... to name a few!!

Anyway you should give her a try! I've been waiting for her first album for like... a year or so x'D

ps! I got my 3rd babies ex tempore a couple of days ago !! ♥

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