tiistai 24. toukokuuta 2011

pieces of me, my life

Yep, went to Bakacon 2011 at Pieksämäki and had lots of fun

Yep, went to see Stage live. Our school is in the semi-finals!

Yep, went to my American friend's American Boxed Food Party. I can't believe they really eat this stuff... :'D I mean, it's all artificiaaaaal... SO FAKEEE XD This photo includes: Nutty Bars, raspberry (I...think?) Jell-O, Jell-O pudding, brownies, Moist Supreme cake & frosting, marshmallows, two different Kool Aids, blueberry muffins, Rice Crispies and Mac&Cheese. And we had also Tuna Helper. For example that blueberry muffin-package said "Imitation blueberries, artificial taste" oh God... And my friend claimed this all to be "pretty healthy" :D

Yep, went & baked muffins. REAL blueberry muffins. With white chocolate. And uhm... To be honest I've never made better ones so I'm pretty darn happy. (:

Get yourself a bouncy feeling!

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