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boil our blood


I have to tell you.. I have to tell you! I started reading Watership Down! ...since I've heard that the book actually is good. And so far it has been interesting. I just try to overcome my ultimate fear of the movie... :'D

The Flogging Molly gig was awesome! I had so much fun! All of the seven members brought us a brilliant, energetic gig... I'll probably share my thoughts later when I can upload my low-quality videos and photos :'D

And for the first time, I've been blog-tagged! :'D

"There are six things you have to tell. 3 negative and 3 positive, and be honest about them. In the end, tag six blogs and link the blog who tagged you.

Three negative things you have to tell.
1. Your least favourite cosplay and why. 2.Your worst experience at con. 3.Your worst con and why.

Three positive things you have to tell.
1. Your favourite cosplay and why. 2. Your best experience at con. 3. Your best con and why."

1. Your least favourite cosplay and why.

The photo tells it all:

2. Your worst experience at con.
I've never really had bad experiences. Sometimes being in con has been boring, sometimes I've had headache. Maybe the feeling after an all-nighter at Desucon :'D Or when I was playing with a toy gun at Nekocon 2008 and got scolded. Bwah.

3. Your worst con and why.
Well, I won't count Manga Day as con. Agh, this is a hard one. It's either Nekocon 2008 or Tsukicon 2008. Nekocon was boring boring boring and expensive, Tsukicon was way way WAY too crowded and full of wannabes. Sorry for being rude but it was like that back then. I don't know the current state since it's not that fashionable to like all this japanese stuff anymore.

1. Your favourite cosplay and why.
It has to be this:

I love Clannad, I love Kotomi and this one was done carefully. And my wig wasn't half-bad. I used this at Bakacon 2010 and I just have to use this again!

2. Your best experience at con.
I have way too many good experiences!! Like in the 2006 when I had so much fun with Rewe and the rest of the crew or in Bakacon 2009 where me and KiBi (we were getting to know each other then, heh.) competed in Iron Ganguro and spent a lot of time in Desuroom watching Mikan Seijin-Hour and laughed our asses off. Or in the following con, the first Desucon where we watched Kimagure Orange Road dubbed in Finnish... Or the night in Desucon 2011 where he asked me to be his girlfriend. And I bet our GNG!musical will be one of the best con experiences as well :D

3. Your best con and why.
I think I just have to say Desucon 2009. All the crazy randomness me and KiBi did... was just... I dunno. Unforgettable.

I have to tell you, I haven't been cosplaying since 2010. I have no money and no sewing machine for example :'D I'd like to cosplay more but hrmm. Maybe in the future!

But here's the link to Viv's blog.

shit happens when you party naked
but we won't stop.

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