maanantai 8. elokuuta 2011

let life crystallize

We'll be broke but never broken,
let us laugh until we cry


The quote is taken from a lovely song called A Prayer For Me In Silence.

I know it's been a month since I last posted anything but my summer has been loaded full so I really haven't had the chance to just sit back and relax.

So... What has been hip and happening?

I had my first summer job.

I've been away from home every single weekend. Thanks to our lovely Hopeanuoli!musikaali (GNG!musical) practises + Desucon, Animecon & Ropecon. Actually, I was away for 10 days because first I went to Ropecon and then we had a whole week of practising. BY THE WAY the show is on September 3rd, 5PM at Tracon (in pieni sali, Tampere-talo, Tampere). I know I've wasted hundreds of euros on just one show but... But I think its worth it. The whole musical project has been a wonderful experience. Now we just want to have a huge audience, of course! ; D

I got myself a lovely boyfriend whom I actually miss right now. I wish I could just hug him ; - ;

I MOVED AWAY FROM HOME. This is going to be heck interesting... I share this apartment with my friend and... Yeah. It's going to be interesting. We have for example went for a night swim and there were a lot of bats hunting for insects. And we have a mannequin in the corridor who has chlamydia and we are growing a tomato named "Detective Over-Difficult" :'D

When we combine some of the letters of our names it makes "Pina", but we add an extra "i" to form "Piina", pain. So welcome to Piinan pesä, the Nest of Pain! I made this label and now it embellishes our front door :'D

School starts again on Wednesday, hmm.

FLOGGING MOLLY IN 4 FUCKING DAYS !! I CAN'T BELIEVE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT~ My all-time favorite... And I'm finally gonna see them play live! I bet I'm going to enjoy it more than chocolate! And that's a lot!

Now I just want to create. I want to draw. Dream. Overcome the fear of failing. Just let my brush play with colors.

...I somehow missed the summer nights I love so much. It's the start of August, but the summer is slowly turning into autumn. Autumn is my favourite season. I always feel so inspired I almost can't take it. I can't wait to draw "Autumn the Third". (the first & the second)

I want to shout.
Spread my arms and welcome the autumn breeze like an old friend
returning from the sea.

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  1. HEIHEIHEI ei siihen edes tarvitse LISÄTÄ i:tä, koska sun nimessä on kaksi o:ta. On semiloogista, että molemmat O:t muuttuu i:ksi.
    Muutenhan se olisi sama, kuin Saurasta tehtäisiin... Sauron. 8D