tiistai 13. syyskuuta 2011

leaves like butterflies


It's funny. At the same time I feel like I don't do anything or I don't have any projects but when I stop to think about it I have lots of stuff to do. I also have my two little autumn traditions... : D

This autumn

- I'll draw autumn the third (can't wait ! : D)

- I'll do my "Poetess' October 2011"- diary. (last year I did it only halfway, this year I'll try making it the best so far. (I've done this since 2009.)) Basically I write a poem each day about daily happenings for the whole October. This year I may want to illustrate it as well. I came up with this idea myself but later heard that other people have done this before. Oh well.

- I'll watch a whole anime series from the beginning to the end! I sit in front of the computer but rarely finish any series. This year I've managed to watch Kaiji and Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin. I have three episodes left of Ika Musume (season 1) and today I started watching Star Driver since my friends talked about it. Me & KiBi are also planning to watch Ginga Densetsu Weed together. I also need to watch Hanasaku Iroha!! I like it but I forgot to watch it every week so I'm faaar behind with the episodes.

- THIS WEEKEND! I'll spend it with my lovely pack of dogs ♥ Our musical group (well, some of it) will get together and watch lots of musicals ^^ (Moulin Rouge for example... Even though I don't care about it much.) Also, we have to talk about certain things ; D

Some of our brave dogs. Please click to enlarge! ♥ Photo (c) Emilia Lahtinen

- AND NEXT WEEK! ...I'll finally see my boyfriend... I've been melancholic because I miss him. KiBi ♥ ; _ ;

- And I'm part of a roleplaying campaign each Friday!

- I have a larp in three weeks... Can't wait for more info!

- And and and and I have at least three theatre projects in school plus one which I am planning. : D

Oh. So much to do. : D I have to finnish Watership Down as well... I still love the book even though I've only read half of it : D I ALSO HAVE TO DRAW MORE, RAAAAAR. (Instead of only complaining about it, I should just shut my computer and draw.)

Random pieces from my drawing diary for school. Some of them made with heart, others... Well... :'D

I love all kinds of projects more than anything, but I tend to lose heart at times and feel like I can't do anything. I try my best to keep a smiley face!

Ikävä synnyttää runon
johon haluaisin kietoa
syksyn ja sen lehdet.

ps. If you're interested in reading about our musical's behind-the-scenes problems, please read this. (Sorry, Finnish only.)

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