keskiviikko 21. syyskuuta 2011


Hi to you who shall not pass!

Sneak peek! I'm knitting a scarf for my boyfriend. My goal is to knit 10cm per day and so far everything's going smoothly~ I had a little trouble getting things started because last time I knit was in elementary school (I think.), and that's almost six years ago.

I finally managed to pull myself together and decorate my calendar! "Elontahti" means "The Rate of Life". I just wanted to be more... "creative" and use some nice words instead of just plain "calendar".

I painted the cover for Elontahti black and smudged my floor. So uhm, I started writing random words because I felt like it. Thank God I wiped it away pretty soon, otherwise it would've stuck there :'D (I didn't clean up my desk in time and now it has ink stains... And the desk is not mine =_=;;)

My boyfriend and his friends are amazing. The princess of Sweden, Victoria, and her husband Daniel visited Finland this week. My bf and his friends had composed a song about Daniel quite some time ago and they played it to the royals - twice. The second time made it to the publicity and a couple of internet magazines wrote little articles of them. Vickan and Daniel seemed to like them a lot :D

Here's a link to the video.

ps. Our Pack started a website/blog about our musical and other stuff, feel free to read it !

mitä jos ei usko mihinkään,
saako silti hengittää
ja otsaasi hellästi silittää?

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  1. Elontahtisi on kovin kaunis. Pidän siitä hurjankovastipaljon. <3___<3

  2. Tietenkin se on kaunis, siinä on Gohei! Ja kiitos :3