sunnuntai 27. maaliskuuta 2011


My bf's still sleeping so I thought I could write something about yesterday.

First of all, we went to watch Black Swan. And what a movie that was. I still can't say if I liked it or not or if it was good or not. (Heh, I missed all the big happenings because I had my eyes closed...) All I can say is that when the movie ended and the credits began to roll I was speechless. And for a moment I was just all silent. Then I started crying. I've never cried in cinema before so that was... something new. I dunno if I should recommend Black Swan or not. Let's say if you want to see a movie that's unpredictable, Black Swan's for you.

Yesterday was also Earth Hour. I love it! It's such a nice event, I feel so connected with people. This was my 3rd of 4th Earth Hour. We lit some candles. It was too romantic for me really :''D I kind of secretly hoped for it to end since sitting in the candlelight... Yeah, even it was way too romantic for me xD

We lit a lot more candles than these. Like 14 or so.

Ta-dah! A crappy picture taken in a dark place but HEY, I burned my hair! Curse you candles :D It was a bit of a shock to see your hair burning but afterwards I was like "Cooool!" xD But it smelt AWFUL! : D

Please, Somebody Else,
make to choice for me,
because I alone
am too weak.

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